LUX 10" x 12" This gorgeous pup is drawn with Conté à Paris pencil. Commission by Jorge Rodriguez as a gift for his co-worker. Lux is a carrot connoisseur and enjoys dressing up for Halloween!


OLIVER 12" x 16" This handsome and regal pug was a joy to paint. His creme coat has many subtle values and colors, layered to create dimension.


MISS PEARL 9" x 12" Commissioned by Bridget Boyle as a gift for Tom Boyle, Miss Pearl was a loving friend to both Tom and Bridget and will forever be remembered and dearly missed. I feel honored to have represented this wonderful lady. Rest in Peace Miss Pearl.


SNICKERS 8" x 8" This green eyed tabby is painted with many subtle and bold layers. The texture, pattern and personality of this beautiful cat was satisfying to represent.


AUDREY 12” x 16” Painted for Heather and David Rosales, Audrey was a loving companion to the Rosales family and will forever be loved. I feel fortunate to have met this beautiful, intelligent and friendly soul. Rest in Peace Audrey.


OLIVE 8" x 10" Commissioned by Mark Scholes as a gift for Kimberley and Sam Scholes. The bold and commanding look in Olive's posture and gaze was a pleasure to convey.

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